[66] Short Film: Shot Transitions

This is something that is very crucial in film and cinema as it allows for a lot of artistic interpretation which is crucial especially in an area that relies on this as much as short films do… In the attached video I have shown a short clip of two different transitions that I have been using: a natural one and one that is available from the range of these that final cut pro has to offer. This clip shows the way that I have done this combined with my initial titles sequence.


The first one is one that is quite natural, I did this by choosing a style for my titles that is very similar to the shots colours and themes that have been used in the shot before… this allows the transition to feel much smoother and is important in making the film feel consistent yet creative.

The second is one that is available from final cut pro and is called “static”, it is important to use things like this as they aren’t really something that could be done effectively through filming alone and I feel really gives shots an edgy feel to them, something that is very important to me and the style of film that I am making, during my work I have also used transitions such as “flash”, this is because I want to include a wide variety of skills in my work and to really show off that I can use more than just one style of transition.

The importance of keeping a good mix of natural and artificial shot transitions is that it means that it doesn’t at any point get a bit overwhelming… the idea of this short film isn’t only showing off how I can use technology, it is also to be able to use it efficiently and to match or challenge the conventions of short films whilst doing so.

If I was to use one of these transitions for every different shot it would be a bit overwhelming and may not show off as much as it may show up a lack of creativity, something which simply can’t happen.





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