[63] Practicing with Technology: Green Screen

For my evaluation it is crucial that I use green screen technology in order to best represent my technical abilities, a Green Screen is effectively a large piece of paper that is used in order to best integrate two images together.

When making a green screen there a multiple areas that have to be considered… these are:

  1. That the green screen is flat and not at an angle, this means that no shadow will appear and that there will be minimal colour spilling over from the images.
  2. That the lighting of the Green Screen is consistent and bright, this means that there will be no confusion when it comes to removing the green background as if there is a difference in lighting then it may result in the colours being registered differently.
  3. That the green screens boundaries are respected, if another coloured background is introduced then there may be issues when it comes to inputing the other footage.
  4. That there is no tearing or creasing to the green screen, this could have disastrous implications which would mean that a re-film would be needed.

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