[62] Practicing with Technology: Chroma Key (On Final Cut Pro)

This is a post about a technique that will be massively valuable in the production of my work as well as in my evaluation, this tool is known as Chroma Key. Chroma Key is something that can be used on Final Cut Pro and helps integrate more than one image together. I will use this in the way that I use green screen technology in my work as well as in the way that I will amalgamate shots in my short film if I feel it to be necessary.

Although the above video seems irrelevant and to have no real application to my work it demonstrates the key foundations of using Chroma Key combining two shots of New York together.

The key to doing the successfully is the use of the Keyer tool, this allows the images to integrate and must be used the correct way, the image in the background can be made more transparent or which and therefore must be selected correctly in order to give the desired effect. It is also key that a well lit background is used as this means that there will be little difficulty in recognising the correct colour to remove from the shot.


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