[61] Kuleshov Effect and Montage Editing

In media editing is a very important factor, it not only allows for individual shots to be connected to each other but also means that new meanings can be derived from each shot from what may have been possible before this.

Kuleshov Effect

This is the way that shots can be combined in order to create a new meaning, it is commonly seen in the way that someones facial expression is combined with another shot in order to change the audiences interpretation of the shots. An example of this would be if a shot of a man standing in-front of a guard rail from a large height is shown combined with someone looking upset is shown… the audiences natural interpretation would be that he was jumping to his death, however if that same shot us combined with people cheering or looking surprised the audience may the assume that he was perhaps flying or doing something slightly less dark. This is something very easy to do and would definitely be used as an inspiration when editing my footage.

Montage Editing

Montage editing is the way that two juxtaposing shots can be combined together in order to create an effect, this works as it means that the audience will often be left questioning what they have seen which is a very effective tool in creating meaning in a media text.


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