[59] SHORT FILM PLANNING: Evidence of Planning for Mise-en-Scene, as well as Planning of Location and Props

Mise-En-Scene is very important in Media, it means that meaning can be created through the way that camerawork is used. Some examples that have influenced my choice in the clothing area of mise-en-scene would be “Real Gone”, in this short film the doctor is dressed very formally… I would like to replicate this in the way that I dress my consultant, it will be important that this is achieved as it means that an image is created for this character before he is even formally introduced. “Real Gone” also gives some good examples of how I should use effective clothing for my main character… when things go wrong I can make him look dirty as is achieved in this short film, it adds to the comedic appeal as well as giving a clear message of what has happened to him.

How the main character will dress when with consultant.

I will dress the set in a way that is similar to a doctors office, I will do this by firstly stripping down the area and then putting back only things that would be expected in a formal situation, in the other sets it is public land so I will not be able to do this legally, instead I will be very selective with the areas that I use in this location so that no external objects are seen in filming.

In the scenes when the main character is in his imagination he will need to have a scruffy hairstyle, where as otherwise he will have a fairly standard hairstyle, the consultant should have a fairly smart haircut to make sure that he seems like a formal character.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.04.55.png
The standard haircut



In terms of body language and facial expressions the main character should be fairly disheartened and tired looking, the consultant should look much more serious in these terms.

The use of lighting is also very important in my piece, it is effective in the way that meaning can be created as it uses high-key or low-key lighting to give a sense of what is going on, low-key lighting is very effective and I liked the way that it was used in the short film “Mouse X”,  it told us immediately that something dark or mysterious was going on and that it was going to have an aspect that can be viewed as slightly disturbing. High-key lighting has been used very effectively in the short film “A Slice of Life”, this meant that we sort of got the sense that it was a happy themed story, this short film has given me a lot of influence which can be seen in my narrative for my own short films as there are some similarities.

The props used in this short film have to be chosen well, firstly for the scenes when a homely or outside setting is used, it is important that all of the props are fairly usual and that nothing stands out as being overly strange, this is because the narrative will not be as convincing if props are used that don’t match what the audience are being told, however if it could be replicated effectively it could give my short film a postmodern edge. In the scenes that are set in a consultants office the props should be slightly more abstract, this is because it gives the audience a sense that the main character is uncomfortable in his surrounding as would be natural, influences for this would include the short film “Spy Glass”, the use of the telescope is completely abstract but tells the audience that something strange is going on and is very effective because of that,  “Room 8” also did this effectively in the way that the box was used. The key props that I will need for the home setting are: a toaster, a bed, an alarm clock/ iPhone, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a record player. The key props needed for the scene with the consultant are: a clock, a light, a pen and a computer.

The locations used are all going to be very simple, they are going to consist of a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a garden, all of these are going to be located at my house, this is for two main reasons, firstly, the fact that I can change the setting as much as I want without any issue, secondly, that I have ease of access… I can come and go as I please. The more complex locations that I will have to focus on are the scenes with the consultant, this is a difficult scene to film as I need to have a setting that is realistic to what I want to achieve, I will do this by using my desk at my house, I will move the positioning of this desk so that it suits the setting I am trying to achieve more… with the use of a cleaver camera angle and a medium or close up shot all surrounding areas could be covered up. I also have to do a scene at a park for which I will use the park in Boreham as it is often very quiet and also runs parallel to the main road, the B1137, which gives me the opportunity to use some good reflective shots of the main character walking.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 09.15.29.png
The Park

The sources that I used to help me access images of locations were:



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