[50] SHORT FILM PLANNING: Audience Research 2

The Questionnaire

To help me with this work, I used the web 2.0 tool scribd.com, this allowed me to make a document embeddable as well as easier to access from a range of platforms.

Throughout my questionnaire theorists played a key role in my question choice, John Hartley (1987) proposed that institutions should talk about, for and crucially to there audience to maintain a healthy relationship between them… this is what I am applying here, I am using this questionnaire as a platform to talk to the audience which allows me to talk for them to a better degree and right now I am talking about them and will later be looking at what they had to say. In question 4 I asked a question which directly references Todorov’s theory which allows me to gain greater research into the reception of some of the key media theorists ideas.I also asked multiple questions regarding the genre and narrative structure that will be used in my piece in order to help me make any changes required as early as possible. Question 4 also looks at Alison Bechdel’s (1985) idea that there should be at least two main female characters in a media text, my piece is not going to abide by this so it is important that I learn whether or not it is really that important.


The Results

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.45.08.png

A few key points that can be taken from my results are firstly that the non-linear structure used will not limit the understanding that my audience will have, this means that I should pursue this and is very reassuring having seen the results of my first questionnaire. Secondly intertextuality has a generally good approval rating which means that I can use another of my key features in my work. Another key thing is that the amount of women, or rather lack of amount, is not seen as a major issue… this is important as Bechdel’s (1985) theory could have proved to have been a real issue. Also important is that my narrative seems to have received some good feedback from the respondents which means that my idea is in general quite a good one.


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