[49] SHORT FILM PLANNING: Audience Research 1

In this part of my audience research I have created a questionnaire using the web 2.0 tool: surveymonkey.com.

The Questionnaire

This questionnaire was made to help me understand the basic things that people would look for in a short film, it is important that I do this as John Hartley (1987) believes that it is crucial that the media creators talk to the audience on a regular basis. On a later date another questionnaire based more on my individual narrative will be handed out in order to help me get more specific results. Below is an attachment of the survey that I handed out.

The Results

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.40.28.png

These results have came in very useful, the key points for me are that firstly I should post my short film on Youtube if I want to achieve the maximum possible audience and secondly that people prefer the linear narrative, despite the overwhelming want for a linear narrative I do not feel that it is suitable for my short film as it does not match the conventions of short films, I will however post my piece on Youtube as it is very easy to do and will be important in spreading it around. I think from my results it is key that I include aspects of feature films… this is because according to my results not many people are fans of the short film, therefore I must make mine more representative of films in general.


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