[36] GENRE: Postmodernism and Genre

Postmodernism is often associated with radical changes to the standard expectations of a specific genre, this means that a postmodern text can use ideas and themes not commonly seen in that genre, they often change or contrast modern beliefs. Postmodern texts often consist of one of the following ideas:

Hyper-Reality- The idea that the actual world and the world we see in media texts are becoming increasingly blurred.

Intertextuality- When a media text contains references to other media texts within it.

Simulation- The idea that what is unreal is vastly becoming more important than actual reality.

Bricolage- Mixing together different ideas in order to give something a completely new meaning.

Pastiche- This is a respectful imitation of a film genre which is often closely linked to parodies but much more respectful to the media text imitated.

The sources I used to help me were:





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