[35] SHORT FILM PLANNING: Story- Using Narrative Theory

Narrative: Day in the life theme, set about the life of a depressed man constantly struggling through life, features comedy aspects to help with the reliability of the character. Starts with main character telling a consultant about his every day life then goes to show what he is saying.
The Theme: the struggle some people face in every day life.
How I will use a non-linear narrative: the use of the fact that it appears to be a flashback throughout the whole narrative.
How I will include Todorov: Starts with dis-equilibrium, never any equilibrium throughout to represent how confused his life is.
How I will include Lévi-Strauss: Binary oppositions, lower class: main character, upper class: consultant.
How I will apply Barthes: Lots of areas to be analysed, use of props and colours, black for bad.
How I will apply Eco: Closed structure, no interpretations to be made.
How I will apply Marx and Ideology: Different interpretation, consultant meant to represent elite, patients are the masses.
How I will apply Mulvey: Consultant meant to represent male in dominant position.
How I will apply Branston and Stafford: Mix it up, things that wouldn’t be associated with this genre.
How I will use Postmodernism: Intertextuality: Scrubs in terms of when main character is getting ready, likened to first ever episode opening, Real gone in way that he “supposedly” attempts to commit suicide.
How I will apply Altman: Linking the codes and conventions of genre to my piece, comedy codes and conventions.
How I will apply Hartley: This means that I can edit my piece in order to appeal to the right target audience in terms of gender, age and race
How I will apply the Hypodermic Syringe Model: Will make a spin on this by trying to not put a dominant message onto the audience.

I have also completed research more extensively based on Narrative theory attached below:

To do this I used the web 2.0 tool: prezi.com

As a back up I have created the idea of a second narrative revolving around a business in which an employee is trying to get another employee fired, I have done this as it means that I can be more efficient with my time management in the build up to my questionnaire results, I shall ask about this in my questionnaire and will see what my recipients say about this.


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