Ideologies are a set of beliefs often held by the dominant group in society that are put onto the world in general. They are often held by the elite and are put across to the masses through the media products at there control.

The themes that are often covered in ideologies tend to be: race, age, sexuality, religion and politics.

The referencing to these key areas is very effective as it means that a media text can have messages within it that not everyone will realise that they are being told.

A good example of this would be in Rupert Murdoch’s ‘News Corp’, they use a certain way of presenting news to spread the way that he feels about certain world issues. Below is a video attached to show this… I take no credit for the video I have just attached it as evidence.

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[44] REPRESENTATION: Tuchman, Mulvey, Clover and Gauntlett on Gender


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[42] REPRESENTATION: Judith Williamson

Judith Williamson believes that we accept what we are told from the elites regardless of how true or false it is, every system is based upon these ideologies. An example of when this is apparent is in the sexist images used in advertisement, it means that women are always viewed in the same way and that it will always be apparent in society because of this. She believes that the only way to remove the effect that ideologies can have on society is by talking about it more.williamson-judith-001-lecturing.jpg

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