This short film was found on youtube.com

This is my third short film analysis for the piece entitled Mouse X, Mouse X (2014) was written and directed by Justin Tagg, a director who is relatively new having only made two short films including this one and with no other credited work to his name, according to imdb.com. His short film, Mouse X, looks at a man who wakes up in a strange house with no recollection of who or where he is, as he negotiates his way around the house he soon realises that everyone else around him is him but in some sort of time loop.                               In this film miss-en-scene was very carefully used, the use of a space age white jumpsuit creates a futuristic yet slightly scary image for the character in question, the colour white has connotations of purity which could perhaps be reference to the fact that he has a clear blank slate of a mind however it is also likely to represent the colour of the mouse in this piece saying that he is a mouse for the people in control of him in this short film. The use of diagetic sound is also very effective, the music dates to pre 1940’s and has a very spooky feel to it in this situation… it almost makes us feel as if he is a puppet that people are playing with, this would make the audience feel uneasy and would create a sense of tension as to what could happen next.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.40.29

The narrative of this piece is very hard to analyse, it has aspects of all of the different structures that I have seen in media texts, It has aspects of linear narrative as it does follow a straight line for the ‘main character’ however you could also say it is a multi strand narrative as there are many duplicates of him and it follows all of their stories, it could also be seen as a non-linear narrative because it isn’t 100% straight in terms of progression… if I was to give it any one name I would say that it was linear however I feel that this is all down to opinion in this case, this would be something that I would like to incorporate into my short film as it is very complex and means that an audience has to be active to get any sense from this piece.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.50.01

This is an example of a hybrid genre, this can be seen as it has both aspects of the mystery and the sci-fi genres, the mystery aspect is clear due to the way that he finds himself in each room he comes across, this gives a very confusing yet intriguing feel to this example and keeps the audience guessing as to what is going on, the sci-fi aspect of this piece is clear at the end of this piece, it appears to be that he is standing on top of a spaceship or on an alien planet filled with thousands of buildings, each identical to the one before it. This piece also has aspects of postmodernism throughout it, it has an artistic feel to it, most notably in the way that he witnesses himself from the mouse hole.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 13.02.01

The main character is represented as being very confused in this piece, almost like a mouse being kept in a cage, living out a very repetitive life following the same pattern every day, I think this is the underlying message in this piece I think it looks at the Ideological views towards animal cruelty and is saying to the audience that we wouldn’t like it if we were treated in this way, so why do we treat animals like this? This individual ideology is not one that I will wish to replicate, including animals in film is notoriously difficult, there are many restrictions to how you must treat them whilst filming and that means I may have to look at other ideologies to include if I choose to use this.                     To conclude, I am again impressed with this short film, it is very well made and has a lot that I should look at when planning my own, I especially like the narrative structure used, unfortunately it is far to complicated for someone without the necessary experience to make, I will however use mine-en-scen to a similar effect in my short film and use a hybrid genre as both of these themes I have looked at in depth and would be useful for me to use.


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