[16] POSTMODERN MEDIA TEXT: Austin Powers Goldmember (2002)

I think that the Austin Powers film franchise and especially the film Goldmember are good examples of the postmodern genre. I think this as many features of postmodern texts are apparent in this film: firstly, intertextuality, this is a parent in this film throughout as it directly references famous characters from the “James Bond” film franchise such as “Goldfinger” but this time parodied with the change of name to “Goldmember”, this is effective as it is immediately clear to an audience exactly who the character is supposed to be as well as sharing the Spy sub-genre of the action genre.

Unknown-1            Unknown

Goldmember is also an example of pastiche as Mike Myers pastiched the HipHop music genre in the film when he was in prison, this can be seen as he takes the style of the contemporary HipHop artists and uses them to give the setting for a rap song, interestingly it also takes place in a prison which is a key them often mentioned in the HipHop genre.


The Sources I used to help me were:



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