[76] FINALS: Film Evaluation


[70] Use of Equipment when filming

Throughout filming it is crucial that the correct and best equipment is used in order to ensure the best production quality possible. During initial filming I used my own personal camera however issues started to arise due to the way that it picked up sound as well as having a visual quality that could have been bettered, I also used minimal lighting which I feel really hindered my creativity whilst working, to rectify this I used a reflector as well as a torch in order to illuminate the area that I was filming… this meant that I could make significant progress in terms of how the actual set looked. This was not without issues however, it meant that an extra set of hands were required in order to operate this lighting equipment, to do this I used a mixture of either actors who weren’t currently in shot, my parents or myself during shots in which camera movement was not required, under my instruction I felt that this was done with a good level of success. When I felt that re-filming would help me make progress in my work I decided that this would be one of my first priorities in order to make a significant progression, I made sure that I used a trusted school camera which would allow me to film at a better quality. I also decided that lighting should be improved so I would use a torch and a reflector in order to clearly demonstrate my technical ability regarding things such as this… also I felt that the costumes I used were a little to basic for comfort so I decided to make them clearly show who the characters are and what they are all about along with the aid of makeup to illustrate this. Although this will mean that I am required to put in more work I feel that ultimately this will make my work of a better quality.

Another key area I wanted to focus on was cut-away shots, this was something that was really lacking from my work and I felt that as something that is very common in film I should really have included it to some extent. This is why I made sure to make it something that is included in my re-filming frequently, it should be featured every few shots in order to make sure that the work is as interesting and effective as possible… TV programmes such as Breaking Bad have acted as large influences for me in this area, they effectively utilise this in the way that I want to by focusing on small areas and building that into their narrative. Cut-away shots are also very postmodern, they allow for an interesting feel to be gained in the work which means that I can really be creative with this in the use of abstract imaging.